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  • Green Studded Steel T-Post - includes anchor plate (spade)
  • Available in 5-foot (0.95 lb/ft) & 6-foot lengths (1.25 lb/ft)


  • Resists rust
  • Features studded design
  • For residential & commercial use
  • Can be used for fencing on farms & ranches, erosion control purposes, and safety fencing


An-Wil T-posts are high strength studded T-posts for fencing needs. Available in the standard 5-foot (0.95 lb/ft) length as well as the heavy duty 6-foot (1.25 lb/ft) length, An-Wil T-posts will help your customers get the job done!

An-Wil T-posts can be used in a variety of fencing applications, from temporary fencing on erosion control projects and safety fencing on construction/landscaping projects to permanent fencing for farms and ranches. Due to the affordability of T-posts, T-posts are often used to substitute for wood posts.

Installation Guide

T-Posts should be installed between 18 to 24 inches into the ground. This means that if you want your fence to be 3 feet above the ground, the 5-foot T-post will be perfect. As for the spacing, for typical fencing, please space each T-post 8 to 10 feet apart.

For easy T-post installation, please use a T-post driver.

For Retailers/Distributors

An-Wil is a premiere distributor of T-posts. Please contact us for a quote.

Other names for T-posts: fencing posts, livestock fencing, metal fence post, safety fence post

T-Post Palletized

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