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  • 10 oz burlap laminated to 5 mil white opaque poly woven fabric
  • Roll Size: 10 ft × 100 ft
  • Total Coverage Per Roll: 1000 ft
  • Made for multiple uses


Burlene curing blankets are uniquely designed for curing concrete in warm weather. Made with 10 oz burlap and 5 mil poly fabric, burlene is the most economical solution for curing concrete.

While the burlap distributes water evenly over fresh concrete, the poly fabric helps reflect sun rays. Our burlene blankets are uniquely UV treated to increase the overall life of the roll. For easy transportation in common carriers like UPS Freight, our burlene blanket rolls are folded to be 5 feet wide. When the burlene roll arrives at the job site, each roll is unfolded and opened to 10 feet wide.

Installation Tips

  1. For concrete curing, please allow at least three dry days after installation of these Burlene Curing Blankets before removal.
  2. After every use, please allow the burlap side of the Burlene Blanket to dry by exposing the burlap side of the blanket to the sun.

For Retailers/Distributors

An-Wil is a premiere distributor of Burlene Curing Blankets to major construction supply companies. Please contact us for a quote.

Other names for Burlene: Curlap, Curing Blankets, Concrete Curing Blankets

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