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  • Standard Size: 9 inch x 25 ft long
  • Special Size Straw Wattles: 12 inch x 20 ft long - required for serious erosion control issues


  • 9 in × 25 ft long
  • 60 lbs
  • Plastic netting (for biodegradable straw wattles, click here)
  • Lasts up to 2 years
  • Weed-free
  • Pallet Dimensions:
    • For 10 rolls/pallet (L × W × H): 49 × 48 × 83in
    • For 5 rolls/pallet (L × W × H): 49 × 48 × 51in


  • Control water runoff
  • Capture sediment
  • Stabilize slopes
  • Prevent slope erosion
  • Blend into the environment
  • Caltrans-approved
  • Also known as: fiber rolls

What are straw wattles used for?

Straw wattles are erosion, sediment, and storm water runoff control devices. They are tubular and straw-filled, held together by photodegradable plastic or biodegradable burlap netting. Each fiber roll is nine inches in diameter and 25 feet long, weighing approximately 60 pounds. They capture sediment and spread water rather than concentrating the flow and volume, like drainage sewers. Each straw wattle contains natural straw. When left in place, they help prevent slope erosion. After decomposition, they become part of the landscaping.

Straw wattles are designed to stabilize slopes and prevent erosion by slowing the creep of loose soil and helping to break up the formation of rills and gullies. They have been proven to keep our fresh water system free of pollution.

Since straw wattles have a low profile, they easily blend into the environment. They can protect the environment for up to two years because the straw eventually mulches down and the plastic netting photodegrades.

Where are straw wattles sold?

Most hardware, construction and irrigation supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowes typically sell straw wattles.

Tips for Installing Straw Wattles

  1. For soft soils, dig a 3-5 inch trench. For hard soils, dig a 2-3 inch trench.
  2. Use 6 wood stakes for each of our 25 feet long straw wattles. That means that you should add a wood stake every 4 feet. Make sure to add a wood stake on each end of the straw wattle.
  3. We recommend using a 1" x 2" x 18" (for hard soil) or 1" x 2" x 24" (for soft soil) wood stake to secure the straw wattle.

Different Packaging Options

An-Wil Straw Wattles are packaged in 10 rolls/pallet or 14 rolls/pallet, depending on customer preference. Our 10 rolls/pallet is especially designed to fit inside box trucks and containers, while our 14 rolls/pallet is designed to maximize space on a flatbed.

As you see in our photos, we offer three different pallet covers options: no pallet cover, partial pallet cover, and full pallet cover.

During summer months when there is no chance of rain, pallet covers are typically not required. A small pallet cover is used during light rain to reduce moisture from entering the straw wattles. A full pallet cover is used during winter months to protect the straw wattles against rainstorms.

Full pallet covers are recommended for retailers who store their straw wattles outside or on job-sites.

For Retailers/Distributors

An-Wil is a major manufacturer of standard straw wattles and burlap wrapped straw wattles. Whether you need a truckload or just a pallet, we are here to help.

Straw Wattles without pallet cover
Straw Wattles with partial pallet cover (10 rolls/pallet)
Straw Wattles with partial pallet cover (14 rolls/pallet)
Straw Wattles with full pallet cover

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